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looking into your soul
[The feed starts with some interference, as if something is bumping against the speaker. It's night, and it seems that Marluxia's Oddish is active and apparently a bit of mischievious. It peeks at the camera lens too close, blocking most of the view.]

You think I should talk into this, as well? Ah, I suppose it could not do any harm...

[Oddish is removed from the lens, to be deposited into his lap instead, while Marluxia picks up the 'gear, looking at it a bit curiously.]

Are you hoping we can find more friends like this?

[He pauses, as if he is realizing something for the first time.]

... Does that music I hear ever stop?

[Now curious about the ever-present tune, he shuts the feed off as he stands to investigate.]

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Not really.

It plays even when you're going to bed- but it's a different tune.

Um, does that help?

It does, and it does not.

While it explains the immediate situation, I somehow get the feeling you do not know why there is music.

You're right. . I don't know.

I don't think anyone does though.

No, it doesn't. You get kinda used to it, though.

[A bit at a loss for words for a change.]

It... is not so terrible.

[Sora's hadn't had a chance to meet Marluxia or learn about Organization 13 before coming to Johto, so, hello, obliviousness!]

Nah, it's not! At least you never have to deal with total silence.

(Deleted comment)
Indeed, it seems like it lacks a direction. Though that still makes it rather... disconcerting. A good thing then, that it causes no harm.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Mr. Edgeworth is supposed to be the only man in pink. Mystic Maya said so.

That is just the pity for them, then.

It even changes when you go different places!

Uh--oh! Miss Aerith has one of those! The plant-thing!

Does everyone in this world have one?

Yessir! Well, not a plant-thing, but everyone has Pokémon!

Oooh, you got a really cute one~!

Thank you. I am fortunate in that it sleeps most of the time, so it cannot get into the kinds of trouble it seems prone towards.

[The oddish squirms in his lap, as if it knows it's being talked about.]

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