Pokémon List
Pokémon: Oddish (Linden)
Level: 5

Video [cherrygrove]
[Marluxia seems to be renting out a room now, in order to further his studies about breeding. He's set up a nest for the egg Oddish somehow laid. With a spider. He's still not quite surehow that works. Oddish seems quite pleased with herself while Spinarak lurked in a dark corner by himself.]

All right, this should prove interesting. I may be seeing a new little Oddish, won't I, darling?

[He reaches out from behind the camera to stroke her leaves, to which oddish rubs emphatically up against his fingers.]

I may be willing to trade, if anyone happens to be interested in an Oddish with a bug for a father...

2 Video route 30
Battle Start!
[It's night, and Marluxia is holding the camera up to watch Oddish fighting a Spinarak. The little seedling is furiously attacking to the best of its ability while the defending creature shoots web in an attempt to slow it down.]

Yes, go! We're getting there!

[He suddenly tosses down his camera, leaving the pokegear skewed in the grass. There is a familiar flash of light and sound indicating that he threw a Pokeball.

A moment passes, and all is quiet, except for a small grunt of satisfaction.]

Good job, Linden. Now lets' see what our new companion can do...

[He puts his hand over the lens, and turns off the transmission.]

looking into your soul
[The feed starts with some interference, as if something is bumping against the speaker. It's night, and it seems that Marluxia's Oddish is active and apparently a bit of mischievious. It peeks at the camera lens too close, blocking most of the view.]

You think I should talk into this, as well? Ah, I suppose it could not do any harm...

[Oddish is removed from the lens, to be deposited into his lap instead, while Marluxia picks up the 'gear, looking at it a bit curiously.]

Are you hoping we can find more friends like this?

[He pauses, as if he is realizing something for the first time.]

... Does that music I hear ever stop?

[Now curious about the ever-present tune, he shuts the feed off as he stands to investigate.]


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