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death_dahlia's Journal

14 December
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[OOC Information!]
Name/Nickname: Alex
Age: 24
What Kingdom Hearts games have you played/watched/read?

  • Original Kingdom Hearts Video game.

  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the


  • Kingdom Hearts II Video Game</i>
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM, Japanese Import

  • Half of Kingdom Hearts II FM+

  • Kingdom Hearts graphic novel by Shiro Amano

  • Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories graphic novel

  • All of the Kingdom Hearts II graphic novel published by Tokyopop (Vol. 1+2)

  • Kingdom Hearts II tankubon published by Gangan comics 3+4

  • One hour of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

AIM: Namedalex
Email: Namedalex@aol.com
Personal LJ: mikata_lian
How did you hear about us?: Through se_rpgads

[IC Information]
Character Name: Marluxia
Age: Unknown, appears to be roughly in his early 20's.
Wiki Link:

Personality: If there was a word that encapsulated the essence of The Graceful Assassin aside from "empty", it would be "driven." Despite his low rank within the Organization, he managed to attain a position of great power in a relatively short period of time. Ever concerned with amassing power, without a heart, it is an end only unto itself. Once attaining a position of power,he cares little for his subordinates. Like all higher Nobodies, he remembers, understands and to an extremely rudimentary extent, exhibits such tender feelings such as gratitude, kindness, and friendship.
Whether or not he chooses to act upon these notions is an entirely different matter. He understands that an occasional scrap tossed to a kicked dog will keep it loyal. When he deigns to play at sympathy, it comes across as quite forced. On the other hand, he is capable of forming attachments, such as they are, to others. This attachment manifests itself as trust rather than affection.
In keeping with his arrogant nature, he behaves, looks, and speaks in a manner that he feels befits his lordly manner. When he speaks, it is with sharp tone, but honeyed words. Preferring to speak in poetic terms, he often says much without really revealing what he means. He carries himself in a proud, powerful manner at all times. Though he doesn't strictly have to, while entering a room or making a particularly important gesture, he will summon torrid rose petals for accent. He rarely combs his hair down, instead letting it flow in wild, petal-like spikes in order to maintain a semblance of rugged power, for it wouldn't do to be seen as surpassing sophisticated into effete.

Brief History: From the moment he was born into the world, he knew he was destined to be something great. Even before he had a name, he knew that he would have the respect and fear of those that crossed him. For a time, he was indeed strongest. All of the strange creatures around him seemed to fear him, and rightfully so. His existence changed once a powerful creature with a human face came into his quiet, haunted realm. Hearing words for the first time he could actively recall, he was startled. The creature, calling itself Xigbar, a Nobody, offered him a chance to leave his suddenly dismal surroundings and move on to a more interesting kingdom with the hope of a more lucrative lordship. The Nobody also promised an end to the ache in his chest that caused him to lie awake sometimes when sleep would normally claim him, the pain that he had never given name too, but was always there. He was still somewhat reluctant to leave his kingdom, but in the end, he took his chances, leaving his quiet, ruined world behind and joining Xigbar in his collection, The Organization.
Immediately, he rankled under the idea that he was on the bottom of the hierarchy, a notion he had not experienced in his recollection. He sensed as he was introduced to the other members that rank was perhaps more fluid than he had been led to believe when he first arrived. Certainly, VII seemed to be second-in-command behind I, and IV seemed to be have an empty rank, looked down upon by the other "Elders". Keeping his mouth shut and his eyes open those first few weeks, "Marluxia" as he would now be known, watched the give and take of the daily interactions ofthe new world, getting a feel for how he might have to behave. Shortly, he worked to ingratiate himself with the elder members, I in particular, while at the same time, trying to appear the consumate member of the group, biding his time to win others over to his side.
His first real success would come with the introduction of a new member, Larxene. Seeing a cruel and savage nature hidden behind feigned innocence, he took to her quite well, better than perhaps anyone he had ever met before. He understood her, and she, it seemed, understood him as well. She seemed pleased to be taken under his wing, and as a result grew close to her. Together, they began to confide their dissatisfaction with their almost equal lowly status in the Organization, and how improved things could be if only they were in charge...
Such whisperings did not go without notice.
Between his hard work and talent at missions, his ability to talk his way out of any sort of trouble that might befall him, and his utter ruthlessness and drive to obtain some real power, Xemnas, the Superior, offered him a position to lead an outpost on the other side of The World That Never Was, far out of his eye. It would seem that he was being trusted not only with important research, but with half of the Organization itself! Surely this was a step in the correct direction.
What he had failed to realise was that this was merely a test, for him and every last Nobody he sent along. Without his watchful eye, who would try to betray him? Along with Marluxia, he sent Larxene, who would only make Marluxia's schemes grander, Zexion, his other major rival for continued control over the Organization, Lexaeus, who listened to Zexion over all else, and Vexen, whose volatile and brittle personality could cause the spark that would set off any coups. Xemnas also sent Axel, whose loyalties lie fully with Roxas, a member who was at this point, utterly loyal to the Organization. In addition to the team, Marluxia was also entrusted with a powerful Nobody who was, while sentient, seemingly not powerful enough to go on missions with the rest of the Organization. This particular Nobody had been created from the Princess of Heart, Kairi, when she was attacked by the Heartless on her home island.
It was his responsibility, among other tasks, to test the girl and see what her powers truly were. By playing off the girl, Namine's lonliness, he pretended to befriend her, bringing her whatever she thought she wanted, until the day he found that by using a box of crayons, she could draw memories. They didn't have to be real memories, he discovered, when he suddenly recalled himself in a field of sunlit flowers. Basking in the remembered warmth on his face, he imagined what it could do to something that could actually tie the sensation to an emotion. At the same time, he was receiving reports from Larxene that Sora, the Key-bearer, was within the edges of the World That Never Was.
Knowing that Sora would react strongly to Namine's face, he and Larxene began to plan to bring the boy to their heels. First, they would forge a letter from the King, pass it off to the King's dog, who, thinking the scent of the letter would lead him to his master, and instead lead them to the Castle. The plan started off well, and Sora and his companions found themselves in the great hall, having been gently goaded by Marluxia into their position, tired from a lack of sleep and disoriented, without having had a chance to examine the Castle themselves, here on his terms.
The next step of his plan went off well. Once they had entered the Castle, the unique properties of the Castle, being the plastic nature of each floor, and the ability to suck weaker hearts and strong memories into cards caused Sora, Donald and Goofy to be separated.
Without guidance, or at least another perspective on the events he was witnessing, Namine was free to re-write Sora's memories into saying whatever Marluxia wanted them to. Even though Namine had reservations about toying with Sora in this manner, a combination of fear tactics and holding out the promise of love and acceptance from someone who could really offer it to her. Little did he know that Axel had conned the plan out of Larxene, and was now actively working against him, poisoning Namine against him.
In the meantime, Vexen had been working on creating Replica versions of Riku, in order to obtain the strength and power of a key-bearer without his loathing of the darkness he controls. Zexion and Lexaeus, also aware of Marluxia's plans, stayed out of sight until Vexen's Replica-Riku had been finished, sending him up with it to sabotage his plans.
Eager to kill Vexen off, he sends the Nobody on a mission to kill Sora off before he reaches the top floor, seeming to negate everything he's worked for. If he refused, he would be eliminated for having disobeyed his superior. Desperate for his life, he goes to do what Marluxia asked of him. Vexen is quickly branded a traitor by Marluxia, and he sends Axel away to dispose of him, fully aware of the irony of his own series of betrayals. In the meantime, Axel took advantage of Marluxia's trust, and took Sora to meet Namine as she was, instead of pretending to be Kairi.
Now knowing the truth behind the Castle, Sora turns his blades to Marluxia, his plan now in shambles, and trapped on the top floor of the Castle. Instead of making his escape, he stood his ground, thinking himself strong enough to best Sora within his own domain. However, he was not as strong as he believed, and perished, dissipated by the everlasting light.

Powers: He possesses the same skills that all other Organization members share: Teleportation, floating, the command over lesser Nobodies, the ability to draw forth a specific weapon.

His elemental power, unique to him, is the elemental power over wood, which typically and most naturally manifests as flowers, and especially roses. He can manifest other flowers, including meat-eating plants like fly
traps and bell plants.
His attack style utilizes his scythe's reach and precision, keeping enemies at bay even as he hacks them apart. He can also attack enemies from a greater distance by hurling his Scythe and causing it to return to hand.As his powers increase, he finds himself capable of wielding darkness to his hand, causing it to rise out of the ground and injuring his opponents.


Rain of Brass Petals - three voices edit - Akira Yamaoka

It was really hard to choose. I was rather torn between this song and "Hurt" by Johnny Cash/Nine Inch Nails. I ended up going with this song because the singers are these powerful, dark creatures that live among people, and look like people, but live a colorless existence of power, apart from humanity and emotion.

[Writing Samples]

Sample RP Post:
Even in the Castle, there was rot. He could sense it, the stench of decay that was finer than even the darkness. If he wasn't so arrogant, he might have wondered if he was crazy. Zexion, with his keen nose, carried on as if nothing was different about this place than the Fortress.
There was decay here. Perhaps it was simply because of how the Castle itself was. Despite all of its twisting and turning, it was a dead, stagnant thing. Decadant in every sense of the word, he noted, running his gloved fingers across a elegantly carved pillar, the subtleties of which would be lost on most of his current companions. Simply because they had no hearts did not mean that the nuances language were pedantic.
And speaking of language... Marluxia felt the pressure of the reports he had to read and summarize for the Superior, waiting on his desk. Raw data and projections that he had to organize and honey if this project were to continue. He would have to run through a great deal of garbage in order to hide his true purpose in the Castle, waiting for Sora to draw ever-nearer.

Sample Lj Post:

[official posting]
It is with great regret that I must admit that the current progress in Oblivion is going quite slowly. And I cannot entirely absolve my faults in this matter. The friction within the team in the department has been abated, somewhat, now that most of us are well-entrenched in our positions. If only everyone would simply fall into line. Procurement of specimens has been another point of contention. It would seem that the procurement team does not see eye to eye with the scientific team in regards to the quality and health of subjects. I am currently in the process of organizing a set of protocol, based upon their suggestions in order to make this process run more smoothly, in order to obtain more compelling results.
[end official posting]

[personal journal]
Truly, this is going to be a monumental task to pull off. It is not impossible, though. If I reach far enough, I can grasp Xemnas' chair for my own. And the answer is here, in these nebulous walls. If only I can crack the secret and keep it for my own. I know that VI understands the potential of this place. I'll simply have to deal with him in my own time.
[end personal journal]

"In betwixt and between"